Greece: no plan, no future

by New Europe 15.11.2014 - 10:03

After five years of austerity and severe Euro-American monitoring, Greece is the number one country in Europe not to invest in.

Greece, no plan, no future

In April 2010, the then prime minister of Greece, George Papandreou, announced that his country applied for IMF support to avoid bankruptcy. Since then, Greece is in an ever deepening spiral of crisis under the strict control and supervision of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission (EU).

In addition, Greece ‘enjoys’ the technical assistance of the European Commission’s Task Force, which consists of advisors to Greece’s key government ministers. But the only real and tangible task of such a body (the cost of which is paid entirely by the Greek state) is to cover up the wrong-doings of the European Commission services as regards Greece over the past decades.

Just think that the head of the Commission’s Task Force today is the same person who, as a detached Commission functionary to serve as President of the Cadastre Authority in Greece back in 2001, led the country to pay a combined penalty and recovery to the Commission of €56m.

A Huge Prison

Today, five years after the eruption of the crisis, with none of the necessary structural changes complete, Greece finds itself struggling to escape from inside a labyrinth of traps.

Ordinary people are trapped by...